WYLA provides the youths of Westborough instruction and training for improving and developing their capabilities through the participation in a lacrosse program conducted in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fair play, free of any adult ambition or perso

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  • Coaches are required to check in at MBYLL Headquarters a minimum of 30 minutes before their first game

  • Teams must have pinnies available

  • Teams must provide game balls

  • Teams must be at their next field, dressed and ready to play a minimum of 10 minutes before the end of preceding game

  • Teams are fully expected to play all games assigned to them.  Cancellation of the Jamboree or of any games has a significantly unfair effect on the other team(s) parents, and players that were expecting to play.  Teams that do not show or leave before playing scheduled games may be penalized by being barred from next Jamboree.

  • Coaches need to have their team pick up their trash and bottles after each game

     Jamboree Game Management
    All teams will be assigned 3 games.  Games will be played based on 18 minutes halves using 'running time" with a 4 minute half time.  All games will start and stop at the same time.  Delays in the game due to injury, teams being late, or time outs will not affect the start and stop time of the game. 
    There will be no time serving penalties.  In the event of technical/personal foul the player committing the foul will be removed from the field for a minimum of the duration of the penalty and can be replaced with a new player.  The team having the foul committed against them will be given a fast-break opportunity from mid-field.
    Any player with 3 personal fouls in a game will be ejected from the game.

    U15 players are subject to ejection for even one personal foul, if the referee deems it intentional. Safety is our primary concern.
    "Unsportsman-Like" Foul
    In the case of an "unsportsman-like" foul (hitting with the intent to hurt, fight, abusive language) will result in the immediate removal of the player from the game and all remaining games.
    Games will be running time. We only have 5 minutes prior to the start of each game to warm up and be ready to play. The game clock starts at the scheduled start time, whether or not the teams are ready to play!   Please be ready.