WYLA provides the youths of Westborough instruction and training for improving and developing their capabilities through the participation in a lacrosse program conducted in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fair play, free of any adult ambition or perso

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General Overview

Westborough Youth Lacrosse promotes the sport of Lacrosse and provides a fun, positive and enriching experience for both the kids and parents of Westborough.  Our objectives are:

  • Give every kid the opportunity to play and enjoy Lacrosse;

  • Teach the sport and skills of lacrosse, improve the level of play over time;

  • Teach teamwork and sportsmanship at all times;

  • Be competitive against other teams we play and;

  • Develop players who wish to continue playing in high school.

General Information
The program is for boys in grades 1-8 and is divided into four age groups.  It is primarily for Westborough residents but boys from other towns are welcome to join if their town does not have a program. The program is built around participation in the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (explained below).  There are some key differences in the age groups.

  • U9

    • Grades 1 and 2

    • Focus is instruction on Lacrosse basics

    • No contact play

    • Equal playing time

  • U11

    • Grades 3 and 4

    • Focus is on Lacrosse instruction and skills building, some team setup concepts introduced

    • No contact play

    • Equal playing time

  • U13

    • Grades 5 and 6

    • Focus is on lacrosse instruction, skills building, introduction of lacrosse offensive and defensive team concepts

    • Introduction of 5 foot long defensive sticks

    • Contact play

    • Equal playing time

  • U15

    • Grades 7 and 8

    • Focus is on lacrosse instruction, skills building, advanced play concepts

    • Introduction of 6 foot long defensive sticks

    • Time limits to clear and reach the offensive box

    • Contact play

    • Equal playing time

In this program, we distribute the players across the teams to create balanced teams.  There is no concept of A, B and C teams as seen in other sports.  The MBYLL philosophy is that balanced teams will grow the sport because new, less skilled players, will be an equal part of the team and will develop alongside the more experienced players.